Our Services



We have a ready pool of licensed and experienced security personnel to meet the increasing demand of the workforce. Our officers go through a stringent process before being selected so as to allow us to determine their capability. Security officers are trained from basic licensing modules to development modules so as to keep them abreast with the rapid changes within the industry.



Threat is becoming a huge concern in Singapore and the shortage of manpower is not helping the situation. Therefore, we have integrated security solutions to assist our fellow officers to  perform their duties in a safer and efficient manner. These technological advancement not only helps  to increase productivity but also allows buyers to reduce cost significantly.

24/7 response


Our 24 hours Command Centre (Comm. Centre), is physically manned by our Controllers. The Comm. Centre is equipped with state of the art facilities, thus increasing reliability and reducing response time. Controllers manning the Comm. Centre are trained and experienced personnel who possess the required judgment and decision-making ability, from a relatively harmless to a major crisis, using predefined procedures.



We provide security training and consultancy to all our officers. Security courses are developed by identifying the risk the site is exposed to. Officers are trained with tools such as E-Learning and Role – Play. The officers not only become aware on how to identify risk but also intervene and take action accordingly. Security officers sit for mini test using tablets provided by the trainers to determine their knowledge on a subject matter. The USP of the entire session is that, security personnel can undergo the full spectrum of training under one roof.

supervisor inspection


We have a team of patrolling officers to do supervisory checks on all security personnel deployed (Day and Night shift). These random checks keep our officers on their feet throughout their shift. Officers will be assessed on the alertness, attire and understanding of the SOP for that particular assignment. Our patrolling officers will provide us with a report on each and every security officer so as to allow us provide the necessary solution; for eg, to conduct refresher

technology solution


Traditional guarding methods alone will no longer meet the demand as threat becomes more real and complex. At YS, we integrate both physical and technological solutions. These methods ensure safer, efficient and cost effective outcomes. Security officer can now spend less time on documentation and put their entire focus towards SECURITY.